Fletcher Vaughan

Window Clash

On awaking he found the world still motionless and numb. The drop of water still clung to his cheek; the shadow of the bee still did not shift in the courtyard; the smoke from the cigarette he had thrown down did not blow away. In famous Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges’ 1943 story “The Secret Miracle”, a playwright sentenced to death prays for the time to finish his final masterpiece. His wish is granted at the last minute, and as the bullet rushes towards him from the firing squad’s guns, time freezes for the year it takes to complete the play.

Window Clash recreates the wonder of time’s flow stopped in its tracks. A perfectly ordinary-looking classic bentwood chair seems paused in mid-air, as if it had been thrown. Time is suspended along with our disbelief. On closer inspection it appears to be magically passing through a glass wall as if it wasn’t there. The chair has been cut into two sections with each half fixed seamlessly to either side of the glass using silicone glue or magnets so as not to damage the glass. Window Clash is a conversational piece that surprises and delights guests with its unexpectedness and subtle simplicity.

Andrew Wood 

  • Bentwood Chair
  • $4000 edition of 10
  • Imagery by www.glenndawick.com