Fletcher Vaughan

Kinetic Pillar

Kinetic Pillar is an ever changing celebration of movement that echoes the work of American modernist sculptors George Rickey and Alexander Calder, and contemporary New Zealand artist Phil Price. Its restless mutability and gentle rhythms will mesmerise guests. It dances with the moves of a Tai Chi master or a Capoeira fighter.

One minute Kinetic Pillar is mysterious black monolith suggestive of the Stanley Kubrick 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. As the wind picks up its articulated limbs disengage to gracefully describe swinging balletic arcs in the air through its axes of motion. Next minute it is a stylised and alien tree, an abstract constellation of choreographed black squares like a flock of startled birds, or a prophet with arms outstretched to welcome the sky. That which appeared a solid and unyielding form is in fact in constant flux, as contemporary and variable as the Central Otago winds which power it. 

The metamorphoses of Kinetic Pillar are commanded by the weather, binding the sleekly industrial sculpture to the local environment and the prevailing elements, capturingthe expressive and aesthetic immanence where material form, light and action in space intersect. It is movement rather than shape which is paramount.

Andrew Wood

  • Proposed location The Hills Arrowtown
  • Carbon fibre, precision bearings
  • 5500 x 1000 x 150mm
  • Compositing & animation by www.glenndawick.com
  • Thanks to Paul Zwaan