Fletcher Vaughan

Birds in Paradise

The sculptural installation Birds in Paradise is a play on "Birdie", the term for scoring 1-under par on a hole, reflecting the The Hills’ function as a golf course and giving the structure specifity to place.

The formal components of the art work resemble highly stylised versions of birds in three pivoted sections at varying heights standing in a water hazard or pond. This alludes to New Zealand’s internationally celebrated native bird life and environmental beauty.

Starting from an upright vertical position, any breeze causes the birds to slowly animate, twist and bow with a serene, almost Japanese elegance. The stronger the breeze, the more cheeky character and energetic personality the birds adopt.

Depending on the posture of the birds in motion, the effect varies from smaller birds gossiping on perches to a family of tall and elegant wading birds. The sophisticated aesthetic is complemented by the reflective properties of the water they are installed in.

The effect is harmonious with the natural landscape and plantings, cultivating a pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquillity among guests and form an attractive conversation piece. In a densely-planted setting they provide an unexpected and delightful surprise for a visitor to happen upon.

Andrew Wood

  • Proposed location The Hills Arrowtown
  • Carbon fibre, precision bearings
  • Large 2000 x 300mm Medium 1500 x 200mm Small 1000 x 120mm
  • Compositing & animation by www.glenndawick.com
  • Thanks to Paul Zwaan